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About us

Tapas Bar with Restaurant serving authentic and fusion tapas. Seasonal, fresh tapas, a thoroughly researched wine and drinks list and a friendly welcome.

How it all began..

‘Hola. My name is Lourdes. Would you like to eat with me? I ve made some Jam Croquetas.’

My mind boggled as I looked at my new flatmate. My only experience of croquettes had been ‘Aunt Bessie’s’ and were of the potato kind. I could not imagine where the jam came in! As I took a bite (burning my mouth) I soon realised that my first proper taste of authentic Spanish cooking was actually HAM in a delicious creamy sauce encased in crunchy breadcrumbs! And so began my culinary adventure in Spanish cuisine..

We became good friends. Already with several years behind me as a Chef, my University years studying Music and Theatre (that s where the ‘Tunes’ bit comes in!) also became amongst other things, a 3 year multicultural introduction to authentic, unpretentious Spanish cooking, absorbing the culture, spirit, values and a handful of Spanish swear words.

From Halls of Residence parties where there was Kalimotxo, Sangria, Rioja and always Tortilla(along with many differing opinions on how to make one.)  Chorizo Bocadillo eaten in a mosquito infested tent at midnight on a Spanish road trip, watching home brewed Cider poured skillfully from a great height by a proud local and served up with barbequed lamb al fresco. Eating tapas over an evening amongst friends with flowing Campo Viejo or San Miguel to home cooked meals of multiple courses which were enjoyed, drawn out and an important part of daily family life, always ending with coffee. It was impressed on me the value and importance of sharing a meal together, of appreciating fully the food served, talking, re-connecting and giving your undivided attention to those seated. Inviting friends who would willingly and eagerly bring contributions towards the meal and the general very welcoming, very social foundation of Spanish culture.

Years later with 3 children who were increasingly not wanting the attention they did, itchy feet and a yearning to return to my dream of having my own restaurant I saw an old building for sale. I bought it and with my partner Sam started putting together a vision combining our passions of food and music.

We have obsessed, researched, tasted, grimaced with a bleuch on occasion, sampled, planned, re-jigged, re-thought, talked, argued(ha), educated ourselves, honing, twisting & bringing out the flavours of a traditional Iberian culinary experience. And so we bring you what is now Tapas & Tunes. A Bar and Restaurant in Otley with an upstairs Live Music Venue and multi-purpose space, great food, a thoroughly researched wine and drinks list, a friendly welcome and a croque en bouche of music, dancing, education and entertainment. Come and join us for a Vermouth!

Bridget, Sam, Alex,  (14  yr old Head Waiter on a Saturday) Nathanael and Jesse (aspiring Saturday waiters)


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