Alvear Pedro Ximenez 1927

Sweet, mahogany Sherry with memories of liqueur coffee, caramel and cocoa. Perfect with Blue Cheese, Desserts or Nuts.

Valdespino Manzanilla En Rama

Similar to a Fino but aged in the coastal region of Sanlucar de Barrameda which due to its microclimate gives the wine floral notes and an elegant, salty bitterness. Great with our Reserve Serrano Ham

Lustau Almacenista Cayetano Del Pino Y Cia…Palo Cortado

An Exceptional 20 year Aged Sherry. Intense and dry with a background of spices and coffee notes. Pairs well with Pork.

Valdespino Amontillado Tio Diego

Dry and balanced with a mahogany colour. Notes of toasted dry fruits and nuts with hints of caramel. Great with Red Meat.

Alvear Fino C.B

Light, dry and elegant-Straw coloured wine reminiscent of dried fruit and almonds. Try with Serrano Ham or Guindilla Chilli Peppers.